Landscapes for Life

Landscapes for Life

Landscapes for Life

Landscapes for Life

Welcome to
mdrn Utopia,

the new movement in surface materials that will transform burdensome surrounding into completely self-sustaining spaces.

Our line of synthetic grass, recycled rubber driveways, terrains, and collection of home exterior items are innovative, eco-conscious additions to your life, developed specifically to save you time, money and energy.


We want to change the way you look at your surroundings, because we think life should have more substance and less maintenance.


It should be less about upkeep, and more about downtime.

Ready to trial run our mdrn products?

Our 8,000 square foot space is jam-packed with a wide array of surfaces and accessories, set up in a way that will allow you to experience them firsthand.


Shoot hoops on our mdrn Sports grounds, run your hands over our mdrn Grass selections, or let the kids test out a playground situated safely on mdrn Surfacing. Get the feel of a mdrn Driveway, observe a mdrn Living display, and try out so many more interactive areas.


You just have to see it to believe it!

To drop by our exclusive showroom ASAP:

or Call 519.518.MDRN